COVID-19 Screener

70,000 health-related searches are made on Google every minute. Some search results are reliable, others are not. Some can be dangerous.

The Madison Free Clinic is pleased to make available our HIPAA-compliant COVID-19 Screening Chatbot & Knowledge Base, leveraging the collective experience of the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) and others to provide a virtual layer of support and screening for lower-acuity patients. This service offers a COVID-19-specific subset of the same Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in use by Mass General Brigham, The American Red Cross, Mayo Clinic, Merck, the University of Chicago Medicine and others.

Please note that this “online triage” is not a substitute for the judgment of a healthcare professional and is not intended for use in the diagnosis or treatment of coronavirus (COVID-19) or any other diseases or conditions. If you suspect a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 or your local emergency response provider immediately.

To begin the conversation, simply click the red chatbot icon on the bottom right-hand of your screen.